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A little about us

Dr. Jennifer McCabe is a clinical psychologist who has been working with mothers and families since 2008. She and her team at Western Washington University started the REAL Parent Connection to foster supportive relationships between parents in Bellingham. Together with Whatcom Perinatal Mental Health Taskforce, the REAL Parent Connection is available to uplift any parent during the REAL moments of parenthood. 

Our mission is to
  • Disrupt the societal narrative of picture-perfect, effortless motherhood. 

  • Build a new narrative acknowledging that parenting is difficult, messy, exhausting, isolating. 

  • Foster a culture of support based on genuineness and shared experiences. 

  • Offer a place for parents to share, vent, be heard, be recognized, be celebrated, be validated. 

  • Ensure no parent feels alone in their journey. 

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